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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Gino is great! He originally appraised my wife’s engagement ring over 13 years ago. We’ve used him several times since then, with each experience as wonderful as the last. He always makes you feel like family and takes the time to answer all your questions. I would put his knowledge and expertise up against anyone. A true professional and gentlemen that you can trust. If you are in the need for a jewelry appraisal, look no further, Gino is your guy!                                                          Logan S.  Plano, TX

Mr Chirico helped me design jewelry I am giving as a gift. The process was easy, exactly what I had in mind, and timely. He emailed a CAD drawing of what I told him that I wanted, and once approved had the finished product in a couple weeks. I highly recommend his services!

Chuck P.   Baton Rouge, LA 

Hi Gino.  I forgot to ask before I left today - is there any way I can leave some sort of review for your services?  I had a really positive experience, and I want other people to be directed your way.  I was a bit intimidated about the whole process given it was my first time to all this, and you were incredibly kind, professional, and upfront.  I really appreciate your help, so let me know if there’s anything I can do to share my experience with other potential clients/customers!

                                                                                                                                           Thanks A. Norris, Pensacola, FL

Thank you so much, Gino. It was great to see you again! My family really appreciates all that you do for us and the jewelry that is so special to us! Until next time...

 Madeline D, Baton Rouge, LA

Knowledge, experience, integrity – characteristics everyone wants in a gemologist; Gino has all of these and more. The following story is why my wife and I think Gino is the best gemologist in the area. While in another country, we bought some loose diamonds from an internationally known company.  When we got home and had them appraised we found that at sometime in the store the stones had been switched and replaced with diamonds of much less quality. We contacted the company’s headquarters in New York and over a year later we were no closer to a resolution. We called Gino and asked if he could help. By the time Gino was through with them, the company agreed to give us the choice of our money back or let him choose replacement diamonds for us. We still wanted diamonds so Gino had the company send him dozens of diamonds to choose from. After it was all over, the replacement diamonds were actually of higher quality than the original ones we purchased. We than had Gino and his wife design and make my wife ear rings from those diamonds and they are, by far, her favorite jewelry. We have since purchased several articles of jewelry from Gino and have been very pleased with everything.


Alan & Mitzy , Zachary, LA


Gino was very professional, gave me values I needed and was pleasant to answer all questions. Will refer as many people as possible to him.

Brett R., Baton Rouge, LA 

Thank you again for my ring. It is a work of art and I will always think of you fondly for bringing me such joy.

                                                                        Affectionately, Milly H.  Baton Rouge, LA


The only thing that I inherited from my mother was her diamond ring. I decided to have a ring designed using both my diamond and my mom's. I took it to a local jeweler, who shall remain anonymous, to make the ring. When I got the ring, I cried because it was so ugly and not even close to what I wanted. A close friend recommended I contact Mopsy & Gino. The experience was amazing! They know exactly the type of ring I was looking to have made. When I received the CAD rendering of the ring I was blown away. It looked better than I had imagine, and couldn't wait to get it. The day I received the ring I cried and cried...tears of joy! I love the ring! Now, when I look at my beautiful ring I see my mom smiling! Thank you so much!

                                                                        K.C. M., Orlando, FL


To say that I was frustrated would be an understatement. Every jewelry store in Baton Rouge that I called wanted me to leave my jewelry to be appraised. That scared me, because of the prime-time jewelry expose that I had seen on TV- jewelers caught on tape switching diamonds! Then I found Gino. He put my mind at ease and told me that he would appraise my jewelry in my presence while I waited and watched. I know that I left his office with my diamond! I would recommend Gino to anyone who’s afraid to leave their jewelry.

                                                                                   Phyllis P., Baton Rouge, LA

Having my jewelry appraised by a professional that I trusted was so important to me that I drove from Jackson, MS to have Gino appraise my jewelry. He allowed me to schedule an appointment that was convenient for me. Thanks Gino!

                                                                                    Lisa R., Jackson, MS

I needed to have some jewelry appraised that was of sentimental value.  Gino Chirico was recommended by a jeweler whom I trust.  Gino appraised the pieces while I waited and watched.  The entire process was interesting and informative.  I do not hesitate to recommend Gino Chirico. 

Rebel S., Baton Rouge, LA     


Good morning Gino – it was a real pleasure meeting you too, a top-notch guy who knows his craft.  Thanks, so much for bringing to light what I needed to hear yesterday.  When I saw your assessment of the appraisal, I was very excited to see it.  I certainly made the right choice not to sell it to my eldest brother.  I’ve made the decision to give the ring to my wife for her Birthday this Saturday.  I was going to wait until our anniversary in February but alas, I don’t want to hold it for that long without giving to her.  I took your advice and got insurance immediately.  I have my policy# and we’re good to go ($ 0 Deductible).  It’s a tad more for the annual premium but I don’t want to have to worry or have my wife worry about it if by chance something should happen to the ring.


After I give the ring to her, I’ll let her decide whether she wants to enhance (protect the edges of the marquise diamond) or leave as is and get it sized.  I can’t thank you enough for your time and conversation.  If I ever have any questions or have any other jewelry I need to be appraised, I’ll certainly get in touch with you and most definitely refer anyone I know who needs a gem appraisal.  God Bless and hopefully our paths will cross again.

                                                                                    Phillip B. , Gulfport, MS

Hi Gino,

Thank you so much for your assistance in getting this appraisal completed in such a timely fashion.  I appreciate your patience and thoroughness in this manner. I wish you well and am also appreciative for all the information shared by you. Thanks again.

                                                                                                                                                                             Janet A, Baton Rouge, LA

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